Conditions of Booking & Insurance Details

No booking is firm until the deposit is received. In the event of the accommodation being booked prior to receipt of deposit, the deposit will be returned. It is regretted that no allowance can be made for meals not taken or if departure is made before the end of the period booked.

We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance to protect you against cancellation charges should you cancel for reasons beyond your control. Cancellation charges are as follows:

1 Prior to 30 days before your due arrival date: Loss of deposit
2 30 days before and up to 14 days prior to due arrival date: 50% of holiday cost
3 14 days or less up to the due arrival date: 75% of the holiday cost if your booking is unable to be resold.

A proposal form will be included with our reservation acknowledgement detailing an insurance cover at very reasonable cost.
If required, return it directly to the insurers.